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公用旅券及び外交旅券所有者も個人旅行の際は、通常のETA申請書の手続きを   しなければなりません。ただし、スリランカ政府と協定を締結していることに基づき公用旅券及び外交旅券所有者に無料でETAを付与されます。
Diplomatic and official passport holders should not apply Tourist/Business ETA for their official visits or to engage in any official assignments in Sri Lanka.please note that Tourist/Business ETA cannot be converted into a Residence visa at any circumstances.

Diplomatic & Official/Service passport holders from the following countries are exempted from the ETA processing fee and the ETA procedures for their official and private visits to Sri Lanka. A visit visa will be issued on arrival to Sri lanka for passport holders of these countries.

  Country   Type of Passport   Duration of the Visa period
  Socialist Republic of Vietnam   Diplomatic, Official   90 Days
  Republic of Cuba   Diplomatic   90 Days
  Republic of Indonesia   Diplomatic, Official, Service   30 Days
  Union of Myanmar   Diplomatic, Official, Service   30 Days
  Islamic Republic of Pakistan   Diplomatic, Official   30 Days
  Federative Republic of Brazil   Diplomatic, Official, Service   90 Days
  Republic of Chile   Diplomatic, Official   90 Days
  Republic of Seychelles   Diplomatic, Official, Ordinary   60 days at each visit and cumulative duration of 90 days in a year
  Peoples Republic of China (PRC)   Diplomatic, Official, Service, Public Affairs   Up to 30 days
  Kingdom of Thailand   Diplomatic, Official   Not exceeding 90 days
  Republic of Kenya   Diplomatic, Official   Up to 30 days
  Republic of Belarus   Diplomatic, Official   Up to 30 days
  Islamic Republic of Iran   Diplomatic, Official, Service   Up to 30 days
  Republic of Maldives   Diplomatic, Official, Ordinary   Exemption of Ninety days Visa fee
  Republic of Singapore   Diplomatic, Official, Ordinary   Up to 30 days
  Republic of India   Diplomatic, Official (for diplomatic and official visits only) (If employed by an International body or agency, Visa/ETA should be obtained for official and private visits)   30 days
  Russian Federation   Diplomatic, Official, Service   30 days
  Republic of Philippines   Diplomatic, Official   30 days
  Republic of Kazakhstan   Diplomatic, Service   30 days
  Government of Georgie   Diplomatic, Official/Service   Not exceeding 90 days in any 180 days period
  Republic of Romania   Diplomatic   Not exceeding 90 days within any 180 days
  Hong Kong SAR   Citizens of Hong Kong SAR   30 days
  Bangladesh   Diplomatic, Official   30 days
  State of Qatar   Diplomatic and Special passport Holders   Up to 30 days
  Sultanate of Oman   Diplomatic, Special or Service   Not exceeding ninety (90) days and during a period of 180 days from first entry
  Kingdom of Bahrain   Diplomatic or Special   Not exceeding ninety (90) days during a period of 180 days from first entry
  Ukrain   Diplomatic, Service, and Official   Not exceeding 30 days within 60 days
  Kingdom of Cambodia   Diplomatic, Official/Service   30 days


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